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    Santa Chats was created by a teacher who always dreamed of “catching” Santa on Christmas Eve. (She hasn’t yet succeeded!) Here find resources that are fun for kids and parents!

You can contact Santa anytime! Send a letter to Santa using his post office address. Or, email Santa directly to his personal inbox using the email address below. Who knows…maybe you will be one of the lucky kids to get an email or letter from Santa! As you know he’s very busy making toys throughout the year and delivering them on Christmas Eve. Here are some ideas for children who want to connect with Santa Claus but aren’t sure what to say. But first, where do you send your communication? There are a few ways:

  • Get Santa’s e-mail address here.
  • Get Santa’s post mail address here.
  • Get Santa’s chat box here.

Next, tell Mr. Claus what’s on your mind. Most writers send a Christmas list and tell whether they’ve been naughty or nice. Others ask which list Santa put their name under. Others just want to tell Santa about themselves. Here are things you might want to email to Santa:

  • Gifts you’d like for Christmas
  • Something you are proud of
  • Something you want to try
  • Something difficult that you did this year
  • A goal you have for next year
  • Who you love most
  • What makes you happy
  • What makes you unhappy
  • Which kind of cookies you’ll bake him for Christmas Eve
  • How you are similar to Rudolph
  • How you are similar to Santa Claus
  • Questions you have about Mrs. Claus
  • Who are your heros and why
  • Why you love Christmas
  • Why people love you:)

Santa loves to hear from children and adults around the world. Don’t be shy. Send Santa an email today! Your email address will remain Santa’s secret–he doesn’t like spam, and he knows you don’t either.


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